Hi, I am Ruben Casas šŸ‘‹

Software Engineer and Architect. Currently building Micro-Frontends Frameworks At American Express. I enjoy exploring new technologies and sharing my experiences with others...

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The case against DRY, Micro-Frontends edition.

“Don’t Repeat Yourself” How does a modular architectural approach affect the DRY principle?

How I translated my Next.js Blog

English is my second language and before I was proficient, I always found it really difficult to find tech resources in my own language. That’s why I decided to translate my blog and make all my content available in Spanish. Internationalization with Next.js Next.js has made Internationalization (i18n) a breeze with one of the most[…]

Rules of Micro-Frontends

This is an opinionated list of best practices when designing applications that follow the Micro-frontend pattern

Dark Mode Is Not Enough! Here is an alternativeā€¦

These days most websites have an option to toggle Dark mode, but what if I wanted more?

Components vs Micro-Frontends. What is the difference?

So is there a difference between “microfrontends” and just “components”?

The Story of Micro Frontends

A quick look at the evolution of front-end development and the natural transition to the micro frontend architecture…