Hi, I am Ruben Casas 👋

Staff Engineer based in the UK 🇬🇧, working on frontend architecture at Postman. I have a passion for learning, creating and sharing my knowledge with others through my articles and presentations.


Recent Posts

Is React going anywhere?

Earlier this year I had an interesting conversation with a CTO of a price comparison website (e-commerce) and he mentioned that they are moving away from React. “Wait, what?”… was my Reaction (pun 👊 intended)… please tell me more! “Yeah, it is not working for us, we are moving away for performance reasons, e-commerce is[…]

React Router 6 Deferred Fetch

React Router 6 introduced the “deferred” API that allows you to “await” for critical data and “defer” optional data when calling your loaders.

React Router 6.4 Code-Splitting

Single Page Applications that are unable to migrate can benefit from all of the goodies 🎁 that Remix provides.

What are Micro-Frontends? Really…

Time and time and again I find a lot of confusion about what Micro-Frontends really are and what they are meant to solve. Here is my take on what Micro-Frontends are by discovering what they are not.

“The Risks of Micro-Frontends”

Here are some common Micro-Frontends risks and disadvantages you should be aware of:

Micro-Frontends FAQs

These are some of the questions I received after my presentation “Micro-Frontends Performance and Centralised Data Caching” at React Advanced London 2021.