Hi, I am Ruben Casas 👋

Staff Engineer based in the UK 🇬🇧, working on frontend architecture at Postman. I have a passion for learning, creating and sharing my knowledge with others through my articles and presentations.


Recent Posts

What are Micro-Frontends? Really…

Time and time and again I find a lot of confusion about what Micro-Frontends really are and what they are meant to solve. Here is my take on what Micro-Frontends are by discovering what they are not.

“The Risks of Micro-Frontends”

Here are some common Micro-Frontends risks and disadvantages you should be aware of:

Micro-Frontends FAQs

These are some of the questions I received after my presentation “Micro-Frontends Performance and Centralised Data Caching” at React Advanced London 2021.

Do you own a Car 🚗? Here is how to tackle tech debt.

Most developers struggle to explain to product teams why addressing tech debt or refactoring code is important and why it is valuable to the company.

Modular Monoliths: Have we come full circle?

The promise to bring back the “good old productivity win” of monolithic frameworks like Ruby on Rails but keeping the modularity.

The case against DRY, Micro-Frontends edition.

“Don’t Repeat Yourself” How does a modular architectural approach affect the DRY principle?