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Do you own a Car 馃殫? Here is how to tackle tech debt.

Most developers struggle to explain to product teams why addressing tech debt or refactoring code is important and why it is valuable to the company.

Modular Monoliths: Have we come full circle?

The promise to bring back the “good old productivity win” of monolithic frameworks like Ruby on Rails but keeping the modularity.

The case against DRY, Micro-Frontends edition.

“Don’t Repeat Yourself” How does a modular architectural approach affect the DRY principle?

Traduciendo Mi Blog Con Next.js

Next.js ha facilitado la internacionalizaci贸n (i18n) de sitios web con una de las nuevas funciones avanzadas en la versi贸n 10

How I translated my Next.js Blog

English is my second language and before I was proficient, I always found it really difficult to find tech resources in my own language. That’s why I decided to translate my blog and make all my content available in Spanish. Internationalization with Next.js Next.js has made Internationalization (i18n) a breeze with one of the most[…]

Reglas de los Micro-Frontends

Esta es una lista con las mejores pr谩cticas para dise帽ar aplicaciones que siguen el patr贸n Micro-frontend